Case Study: Advanced trading and charting platform for US company

Case Study: Advanced trading and charting platform for US company


Multiple asset class open charting software with the ability to connect to multiple brokers and aggregation of trading accounts which give you an ability to chart and trade from a single terminal.

Client profile

Our client is a US based company that provides an access to advanced trading platform and automation charting tools, rich market analysis tools which helps to take customers investing efforts to the next level.

Product used: HTML5 Charting Library


The main challenge for our client was to quickly make their way into the highly competitive business of multi-asset trading and provide a comprehensive set of charting and platform features. Along with the reach functionality, flawless performance was a critical factor to the client. The trading solution had to be working in high-load environment, a multiple-chart layouts mode, where users launch up to 25 charts at once which are connected to different datafeeds. It means that the platform must operate under heavy workload with no productivity or availability loss. Another important request from the client was to make the architecture as broker-agnostic and extendable to support multiple brokers in future.


After conducting a competitive analysis, Fintatech team decided to propose a custom solution to meet client requirements.

The core system components and features:

Trading platform – we designed the trading platform to be flexible, so traders can adjust widgets, create unlimited custom workspaces with possibility to sync them between various devices and analyze the market anytime and anywhere.  

Below are some of the custom widgets we developed for the client:

  • Real-time Market News
  • Economic Calendar
  • Trading
  • Market Watch Panels

Indicator library – our team included more than 100 indicators which help quickly and easily identify turning points, entries and exits in the market. Also, we added possibility to create your custom indicators and save them as templates or share between other users. Our customer wanted to have ability to sell premium indicators, so our team implemented such possibility as well.

Smart tools library – the list of tools which was implemented by our team allow to save hours of work for trading analysis and increase your accuracy. 

Here are some of the custom tools we developed for the client:

Trend/Swing tools:

  • Smart Patterns
  • Smart Fibonacci
  • Smart Waves
  • Smart Gauge
  • Smart Analytics

Market Levels:

  • Smart Support
  • Smart Pivots
  • Smart Resistance

Range tools:

  • Daily Encapsulation
  • Weekly Encapsulation
  • Candlestick Overlay

Alerts – we implemented alerts engine which can be triggered off virtually any part of your analysis and delivery information via the following channels:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Alert-based trades

Brokerage connection and trading – our team implemented more than 100 different Forex brokers with LIVE and DEMO accounts. Our connection UI allows to easy connect your accounts and start trading immediately.


The client received a multi-asset trading platform with client-facing trading UI and smart tools, with reach functionality and flawless performance.

We continue providing maintenance and support to the platform and components.

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