Case Study: Secure Web Platform for Real-Time Trading

Case Study: Secure Web Platform for Real-Time Trading


Real-time, a secure web platform to exchange and hold securities, cryptocurrencies, and cash.

Client profile

Our client is a FINRA registered Broker-Dealer and industry veteran whose focus is bridging the gap between investors and the market. Our client also offers a full range of execution, brokerage, and clearing services through his own electronic trading platform. He also provides proprietary asset management tools and regulatory reporting to satisfy all reporting requirements. 

Product used: 

HTML5 Charting Library 


Our client decided to launch a web-based trading platform to exchange and hold securities, cryptocurrencies, and cash. The clients’ in-house development team has a solid fintech background and started working on the project. So, they wanted to concentrate on the system’s key components and not spend much time on existing and well-known modules. One of such components was a charting module. 

The client contacted Fintatech for the HTML5 Charting Library. Our client was aware of Fintatech expertise in building trading solutions and flexibility of our products due to an extensive set of APIs and services available for web, desktop, and mobile. Fintatech provided the charting component with advanced functionality out-of-the-box and allowed the client’s development team to focus their own development time on building a unique experience on top of the charting library. 


Since our client didn’t have time to build a complex charting library in-house, they decided to use our own development experts, who had a pre-built solution with the most competitive and cutting-edge tools and frameworks. After successfully integrating our charting library and white labeling it with the client’s brand, colors, and identity, our client decided to continue working with the Fintatech team to improve and develop the system’s essential parts. Our experts help improve the whole platform’s performance issues and build unique features that attract customers and promote client services. 


  • Implemented the Charting Component and connected it with data within a month and one assigned developer. 
  • The rich list of trading tools and unique features become more valuable to users of our client.
  • Different components of the trading platform are significantly improved due to involving Fintatech experts.  
  • More comprehensive charting library than what our client cloud even imagines.  

The client’s platform received the integral charting component without taking time away from their in-house team.

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