Category: Trading Software 101

Automated Trading Software: Scripting your Way to Success

Traders often use several strategies when playing in financial markets. However, a successful strategy requires an adequate level of profitability and risk management. To develop such a strategy a trader will need to put a lot of work and time. We live in times when technologies substitute human efforts making tiresome work automated. And the…
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Ins & Outs of Trading App Development

Mobile applications have become an integral part of user experience and we can see why. They get in everywhere – as we listen to music or watch movies, use maps, call a taxi, expose our lifestyle, communicate with each other and even work. The list could go on and on but what we must acknowledge…
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Relevancy of Starting Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2019

The Internet has provided us with plenty of opportunities to earn money online, while cryptocurrency advent even boosted chances to increase profit. Operations with blockchain, the backbone of cryptocurrency, have opened the gate for many people to get constant income and encouraged enthusiasts to build own stand-out hi-tech products. The story of cryptocurrency began in…
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What Future Reveals for Trading: Custom Web Platforms or Traditional Desktop?

Trader’s life is full of surprises and sharp turns. However, there has been no significant progress made in trading technology development for more than 10 years, except, perhaps, for some financial instruments traders experiment with. Everything is as usual: finding effective and working trading strategy, testing, developing a trading plan to achieve one goal –…
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