How to Create a Trading Software

How to Create a Trading Software

Bohdan Kachur
December 23, 2022

Digital tools help people in various fields improve their performance, increase profits, and automate processes. Digital tools can be safely used in trading. Practice shows that it can significantly improve the results and achieve more profitable deals for both traders and brokers who offer their services to traders. Everything is quite simple: for the work of a modern trader, it is necessary to use a terminal — software that will become his right hand in his activities. So how to develop trading software, and what should be in such an application? We will tell you the main points in this article.

What do you need to consider in your trading platform?

First, it is worth noting that software for traders can be of different forms and configurations. You can choose between a website, an application, a mobile version of the site, or full-fledged software that the trader will install on his computer or laptop. It all depends on your market segment’s specifics and target audience. 

It is worth knowing at least about the following differences between platforms:

  • Website. A common practice, familiar, and easy to use from the desktop. To work with such a terminal, a trader will not need to install additional software on his computer.
  • Mobile version of the site. If you plan to develop modern software and have decided to create a website, we recommend you implement a mobile version of your terminal. Why is it necessary: Most people can easily take a smartphone with them, but carrying a laptop will be much more challenging. Responsive website design for traders will open up more opportunities for you. In particular, your clients will be able to use your platform in a convenient mode constantly.
  • Mobile application. How does it differ from the mobile version of the site? First, the application must be installed on the user’s device. However, often stock trading app development allows you to implement more features than the development of a mobile version of the site. You will also be more accessible in design decisions and can increase the speed of loading the resource since some of the data can be stored on the user’s device.

But other details should be taken into account when planning trading software development.

  1. Which operating systems to support?

The answer to this question also depends on the characteristics of your target audience. It will be easy to determine the necessary information. In particular, you can look through Google Analytics, from which devices and regions your traders most often use the available software. You can always do research if you need to get your own platform. There are some companies engaged in such research. 

However, the best choice will always be a cross-platform application. Despite the fact that most people in the world use Android, as these are usually cheaper smartphones than Apple offers, it is worth considering the peculiarities of your market. Successful traders are not the poorest people who can afford more expensive equipment. A cross-platform application implies that it can be used by users of both operating systems: Android and iOS. This will bring you a more extensive customer base and increase your profits.

  1. Remember the process.

While understanding the intricacies of making a stock trading app, it is essential to remember the peculiarities of the development process. The flow is more or less the same regardless of whether we are talking about developing a trading platform or an online store for selling shoes. After all, development is divided into several stages. First, you must find a team to take on the project and set a clear TOR. After that, work will begin on the concept and design. Further, two processes can take place in parallel — but both will be equally necessary. We are talking about backend and frontend development. The first is responsible for what is “under the hood” of your platform — the features of its work, and the second type of development is responsible for the external display of data and how you and your users will see your platform. Of course, testing, revision, approval, and release are still stages in production.

  1. Take into account modern trends in the field of trading.

If you want to be competitive, you should know what is happening with your competitors and what functions a modern trading terminal must have. We will discuss some trends in more detail because they define the current trading market and direct the whole sphere in a particular direction.

What trends are observed in the field of trading?

There are many more trends, but we decided to focus on a fairly specific list:

  1. Automation and artificial intelligence.

Auto trading is a new effective word for trading stocks and other assets. Modern digital tools allow you to configure the system to search for offers according to specific criteria that a trader can set and automatically execute trades. By setting up such a platform, the trader removes a significant part of the work that can be spent on other time. Of course, the platform will only do some things for a person. At least, a trader will have to test different hypotheses and choose different algorithms. But algorithmic trading, which also involves artificial intelligence, still dramatically simplifies buying and selling shares.

  1. Increased level of data security.

With the development of the cyber world, the number of threats to the data that digital resources work with is growing. If we are talking about how to create trading software, the security of data and operations should be in the first place for you. The list of threats that you should think about in advance includes:

  • DoS and DDoS attacks.
  • Phishing attempts.
  • Various viruses that attackers can use to try to disable your platform.

This can benefit your competitors and independent hackers who can profitably sell the information obtained. Therefore, take care of protecting your system at the development stage.

  1. The speed of processing requests.

Over the past few decades, the world has accelerated at times. We have satellite internet, high-speed trains, and the ability to pay for goods without leaving home. However, you must always think ahead as an owner or a business leader. The milliseconds it takes to load the pages of your website or even less time it takes to process a data set can make the difference. During development, it is worth reducing the visual load of the interface because it will reduce the waiting time when loading pages. The same should be considered when working on the backend — the faster your platform processes customer requests, the more chances you will have to get your profit.

Who can develop a platform for trading operations?

FintaTech is a company that specializes in software development for the fintech segment. In particular, we have extensive experience in creating modern trading platforms. Our unique feature is our Trading Platform Designer. It is a set of ready-made components that can be used to develop software for the needs of brokers and traders much faster than if the development took place from scratch. At the same time, the platform provides tremendous customization opportunities, and other developers can constantly adjust the system to your company’s unique needs. 

To find out more details, sign up for a consultation. We will answer all your questions and offer options on how we see the optimal development of your future platform for traders.

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