Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

High-Performance Crypto Exchange Platform Software
Integration & Customization Ready

- Сryptocurrency exchange platform solution
- 20h of integration & customizations
- 1 year of support & updates
- Lifetime license

We Offer The Shortest Time-to-Market Solution
For Crypto Brokerages

Workspace & Chart Templates

Ready-to-Go Solution

We offer a launch-ready crypto exchange platform that can be put on the market within a month. All is left is branding and few integrations.

Customizable, Inside and Out

Connectivity & Integration Ease

The product is designed for a streamlined data feed connection and fast integration with any broker's ecosystem.

Broker & Data Feed Connection Ready

100% Regulations Compliant

The cryptocurrency exchange trading platform is compliant with regulatory requirements and conforms to the standards of major financial regions of the world.

Responsive Design

Responsive & Flexible Design

Every solution is delivered with a customizable layout and drag and drop interface adjustable to any screen size.


Modular Components

All of the Fintatech's solutions are modular and can be easily and time-efficiently plugged into existing infrastructure.


Customizations on Request

We custom development to implement unique widgets, order types, and features to deliver a tailored crypto exchange software to fit every client's needs.

How is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software by Fintatech Better?

Based on 14 years of capital market software delivery experience, the Fintatech team performed cryptocurrency exchange software development and built a solution we’re proud of. It serves the needs of the new players and those who are willing to replace their legacy platforms fast and cost-effectively.

Fintatech’s crypto exchange software solution consists of interconnected modules and components with a platform skeleton in its core. It lets us deliver tailored-made software solutions of various scope in short terms and within a reasonable budget.

A typical product has a custom-designed branded front-end connected with back-office exchange or 3rd-party OMS. Fintatech’s crypto exchange trading platform can be easily integrated with the broker’s ecosystem and operate under different regulations (SEC, CFTC, FCA, JFSA, CMB, etc.).

Key elements of Fintatech’s Crypto Exchange

Matching Engine

Matching Engine

Fintatech builds solutions for crypto exchanges utilizing an advanced matching algorithm with minimal latency and can handle a throughput of up to 500,000 orders per second.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Every crypto exchange solution is delivered with a dedicated anti-fraud module responsible for monitoring transactions and detecting suspicious activity. The software is capable of handling nearly unlimited amounts of data from multiple sources and uses a sophisticated analytical approach for complex pattern recognition.

Risk management

Risk Management

Risk management solutions include multiple analysis techniques, advanced pre-trade control, flexbile risk alerts, and portfolio modeling.


Market Data Delivery

We use a progressive technology solution that provides normalized real-time and delayed market data service, running on a proven and robust infrastructure that is backed by 24×7 support. Replay services perform historical insight and model backtesting.


HTML5 Charting

Fintatech’s HTML5 financial charting component can be embedded into your website or serve as an app UI providing customers with historical, delayed or live analytical information. It’s capable of displaying up to 1,800,000 bars of historical data or 5 years of market data.

Broker & Data Feed Connection Ready

Index Management

We offer an integrated platform that provides lifecycle management for indices. Our solution supports index design, backtesting, basket analysis, reweighting and rebalancing.

Reduce Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Costs & Time-to-Market by > %
Combine the Fintatech’s trading platform skeleton with proprietary functionality modules to
deliver a remarkable trading experience to end-users in weeks, not months.

Start your profitable crypto exchange platform
software that includes

Responsive Design

Web, mobile,
desktop terminals

Dealing desk

Risk management

Pricing engine




Customer portal


Gateways to crypto

Designed for Profit Gainers

Perfectly Suits the Needs of

OTC brokers

Cryptocurrency brokers

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Crypto Startups

Built with Powerful and Reliable Technologies


HTML5 Canvas







Customization & Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Our Crypto Exchange Software is amazing out of the box. But there’s no one size fits all solution.
Fintatech team is eager to build the best-personalized crypto exchange platform software tailored specifically for one’s business goals. We are ready to provide customization and development services of any complexity in a tight timeframe. Whether it’s UI change, broker connection establishment or custom module development — the Fintatech team will fulfill every request at the highest level.

We Share a Common Goal

Fintatech Provides Consistent Support & Updates

Full Developer Support

Fintatech team ensures expert and friendly support on every stage of our collaboration for 1 year after the purchase with prolongation option. We are always willing to help: be it a minor advice or the need of deep software revamp.

Regular Product Updates

Fintatech is constantly working on the software improvement to maximize its efficiency and UX. We’ll be delivering regular product updates once a quarter for 1 year after the purchase for all delivered TPSs that aren’t heavily customized.

See What You’re Missing!

We have the knowledge, expertise and resources to develop a tailored trading solution and help you succeed in dog eat dog capital market.