Building Your Own Trading Software Solutions

Building Your Own Trading Software Solutions

The modern financial world is going through serious transformations. People came to realise that making money through financial services remotely is just as possible as doing a day job.

With the whole variety of fintech products, trading platforms gain more and more interest these days. Software development companies receive thousands of requests to develop trading software solutions for potential income makers. The key criteria for those solutions would be the ability to analyse and quickly process data on multiple currency pairs.

Just imagine the amount of data that an average trading broker has to process daily. A successful trader would need to do even more. Therefore, it is important to develop an automated trading platform that is able to analyse 20+ currency pairs, come up with a strategy and act on it within minutes to generate profit. Automating every step of this cycle is key for the successful trading activity and building a personalised trading software solution can help with this.

Building a trading platform is always either website or application based. The number of tasks that a trading platform allows performing is enormous – collecting/processing data, building infographics, bidding, buying, selling, monitoring and many more. All these features and services require a lot of time to build. Mind though, that the features depend on the scope and the strategy for each platform and therefore vary from platform to platform. The more complex the platform is, the more time-consuming the development process will be. The same approach applies to the team of developers – complex software solutions would require more experienced software developers.

Now, any trading platform needs to have functional and non-functional features.

Functional features are those mechanisms that enable to perform data analysis, provide cloud hosting services, safe payment process, quotes, risk management and infographics. Convenient dashboard with real-time updates and analysis, authentication/verification tools, scalable CRM and user-friendly functionality, efficient search and filter tools, push notifications, payments and withdrawals feature, newsfeed and above all high security that complies with financial industry regulations – all these refer to the functional side of a trading platform.

The non-functional features are scalability, high performance and multiprocessing, safety and the ability to counteract cyberattacks, interoperability and reliability. The non-functional features are just as important as functional, for they help to see the future work of the system and determine the success of the end product.

Here at Fintatech, we put every effort into developing software solutions that help to provide fintech services more effectively. We have developed a number of products that were successfully implemented in trading platforms in particular.

Let us see what they are and what makes them so effective.

HTML5 Financial Charting Software

HTML5 Financial Charting Software – is a powerful financial HTML5 chart library that enables to perform technical analysis and offers trading capabilities. The shortest time-to-market charting solution is easy to integrate with your stack and easy to customise.

The core features provide:

– Built-in trading capability (ready for integration with any custom broker or data feed via API)

– Any data type or data source (connects any custom broker endpoint or custom data feed and costumes any data type be it stock, foreign exchange, futures, or cryptocurrency)

– Easy brand white labelling (enables editing logo, colour schemes or layout)

– Custom indicators (103+ built-in technical indicators with easy-programmable custom indicators)

– Minimalistic API (fully-fledged API (REST, WebSocket) for custom indicators, object creation and integration with any financial data feed)

– End-user annotations (enables to place custom labels on the chart to display news or events right next to the prices).

HTML5 Financial Charting Software supports Crypto, FX, Stocks, Options, Futures, Spread Bets asset classes. Moreover, one licence serves two products – Technical Analysis Chart and Chart with Trading Capabilities.

Derivative & Equity Trading Platform Software

Derivative & Equity Trading Platform Software – is a powerful web stock trading platform solution for retail and institutional equity brokerages designed to accelerate your time to market. It is the shortest time to market solution for online equity brokerages that boasts high performance and equally suits the needs of new players as well as those who are willing to replace their legacy platforms. Derivative & Equity Trading Platform Software consists of interconnected module-based components with a Trading Platform Skeleton in its core and enables to deliver tailored-made financial software solutions in time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

The core features include:

– Custom broker & data feed connectivity (ready for integration with any custom broker or data feed)

– 20+ Built-in widgets (over 20 pre-built functional widgets with flexible layouts)

– Easy white labelling (customise colours, layout and your logo)

– Cross-platform support (works on major operation systems and can be deployed on Windows, MacOS, or Linux)

– Customisations ready (the platform’s backend part goes with a qualitatively written source code that can be easily customised)

– Newest technologies-based (HTML5, CSS, Angular, TypeScript, C#, .NET Core.)

The software complies with most regulations (SEC, CFTC, FCA, JFSA, CMB, etc.) and supports Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Options, Fixed Income, Commodities & Futures asset classes.

Trading Data Server

Trading Data Server – is the shortest and the most cost-effective time to market solution for trading data server that implements internal logic using CQRS pattern.

Trading Data Server contains two modules: Asp Net Identity (includes UserManager, RoleManager, SignInManager, DB Access and Data Seeding logical components) and Identity Server 4 (responsible for authorization flow and tokens provision).

The core features provide:

– Minimalistic API (using REST and WebSocket for custom indicators, object creation and integration with any financial data feed)

– Any data type or data source

– Built-in trading capability

– Custom indicators

In addition, Trading Data Server includes the following microservices:

  • Notification service
  • Email/SMS service
  • User Profile service
  • Data consolidator service
  • Event consolidator service
  • Scripting and alerting engine
  • Chat services
  • System notification service
  • File store service
  • News Service
  • Forum services
  • Events (logging) processor service
  • Automated KYC service

Built on the most modern technologies, the solution provides fast delivery at lower costs.

When you decide to build your own trading software solution, make sure you pick the right team of developers. It will be your responsibility to provide a clear explanation on your expectations of the future product and give as much detail as possible. If you need guidance, our Fintatech team would be willing to share their best knowledge and expertise in developing trading software solutions for you. Benefit from Fintatech’s years of experience and impressive list of successfully implemented projects to create unique solutions for your business. Get in touch to learn more!

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