CFD Charting Software

High-Performance Web CFD Platform Solution for Retail and Institutional Equity Brokerages Designed to Accelerate Your Time to Market

Supported asset classes: CFDs, Spread Bets, Options, Binaries

The shortest time-to-market solution
for CFD brokerages

Ready-to-Go Solution

We offer a launch-ready solution that can be put on the market within a month. All that is left is branding, a few tweaks and integrations.

Connectivity & Integration Ease

The product is designed for a streamlined data feed connection and fast integration with any broker’s ecosystem.

100% Regulations Compliant

The platform is compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA) regulatory requirements and meets the standards of major financial regions of the world.

Responsive & Flexible Design

Every solution is delivered with a customizable layout and drag and drop interface adjustable to any screen size.

Modular-Based Software

All of the Fintatech’s solutions are modular and can be easily and time-efficiently plugged into existing infrastructure.

Customizations on Request

We custom development to implement unique widgets, order types, and features to deliver a stock trading platform to fit every client’s needs.

Key platform elements

Trading Dashboard

- Charting component
- Order book
- Order book chart
- Market trades
- Watchlist
- Level 2 view
- Scripting, alerts, backtesting
- Economical events on the chart

Social Modules

- Private chat
- Public chat
- Forum
- Q&A
- News

Administration & Backoffice

- Platform members management
- Permissions management
- Notification management
- Forum, Q&A, chat rooms, events, and news management
- System monitoring

Built with modern technologies

How is CFD solution by Fintatech better?

In the light of lack of reliable solutions for mostly UK-centrered platform, and ever-growing CFD solutions market, Fintatech developed a high-performance Spread Trade & CFD charting platform we’re proud of. It serves the needs of the new players and those who are willing to upgrade their legacy platforms both fast and affordable.

Fintatech’s web CFD charting platform consists of interconnected module-based components with a “trading platform skeleton” in its core. It lets us deliver tailored-made financial software solutions of various scope in short terms and within a reasonable budget.

A standard product has a custom-designed branded front-end interface connected with back-office exchange or 3rd-party OMS. Fintatech’s charting platform can be easily integrated with the broker’s ecosystem and operate under different regulations, including

The benefits of building on top of Fintatech’s Trading Platform Skeleton
Play around with your future CFD brokerage trading platform

Core Features

Custom Broker & Data Feed Connectivity

Fintatech’s equity trading platform is ready for integration
with any custom broker or data feed via API right out of
the box. The start of data consumption is just a matter of
a few development hours.

20+ Built-in Widgets

The platform goes with more than 20 pre-built functional
widgets with flexible layout: charts, news, orders
management, economical events, notifications, chats,
scription, order book, watchlist, and others.

Easy White Labeling

Each trading platform license can be easily put under the owners brand, and have colors and layout tweaked and twisted in accordance with your companies brand

Cross-Platform Support

The derivative trading platform by Fintatech works
flawlessly on all major operation systems and can be
deployed on Windows, MacOS, or Linux with no
additional adjustments needed.

Customizations Ready

Platform’s backend part goes with a qualitatively written source code that can be easily customized by Fintatech’s developers or the license owner’s team. Detailed documentation is included.

Built with Latest Technologies

The product is developed using the most reliable and
up-to-date technologies for excellent performance
and security. The technology stack includes: HTML5,
CSS, Angular, TypeScript, C#, .NET Core.

Fintatech puts you ahead of the competition

Whom We Deliver


CFD brokers

Spread betting brokers

Institutional brokers

Liquidity providers

How We Deliver


White label

Custom development


Source code

We’re Here for a Long-Time Partnership

One Year of Support Included
We provide a year of limited technical support and assistanceto every client who got their project delivered by Fintatech.
Regular Product Updates
We’ll be delivering regular product updates once a quarter for 1 year after the purchase for all delivered TPSs that aren’t heavily customized.

Let’s Talk Business

Tell us about the business and technology challenges you face, and our
expert team will advise you on the solutions. Easy as that!

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