Trading Data Server

Powerful Solution with Feature-Rich API
for Real-Time & Historical Data Distribution

- .NET Core data server
- 20h of integration & customizations
- 1 year of support & updates
- Lifetime license

On-Demand Scalable Trading Server System
for High-Load Distributed Computing on Cloud

On-Demand Scaling

On-Demand Scaling

Ensures optimal performance & resources consumption as you grow with on-demand scaling. Several clouds work as one!

Fast Idea Deployment

Fast Idea Deployment

System’s modular nature cuts time & dev expenses for new features implementation, making them easy to add and available via auto-generated API.

Heavy Load Ready

Heavy Load Ready

Solution handles any load level with flawless on-cloud distributed computing, automatically scales with your needs and provides access as a service.

Trading Data Server Structure

For Efficient Data Computing, Storage and Distribution


For Trading Automatization & Strategy Backtesting

Our native developed simple-to-use trading scripting language is a game-changing tool that will help users achieve more in dog eat dog capital market. Utilize FintaScript for custom indicator creation, trading automatization and easy strategy backtesting to gain insights.

Built for Fast Growing Projects

Trading Data Server Empowers the Efforts of

Personal Traders

Trading Companies

Trading Institutes

Data Vendors

Cross-Platform & Technologically Powerful

Trading Data Server is built with innovation and industry’s requirements in mind. We utilized the .NET Core technology for best performance & flexible deployment, as well as cross-platform operating capabilities. Trading Data Server works great on all major operating systems:






Data Server Modules

Provided with Trading Data Server

Multi-historical data-feed storage

History Data Collector

History Data Storage

Notification Module

Autotrading Engine

Autotrading Backtest Module

Script Storage Module

User Profile Module

Workspace Storage

RSS to JSON Module

Broker Oanda Module

FintaScript Engine

Customization & Development Services

Our Trading Data Server is amazing out of the box. But there’s no one size fits all solution.

Fintatech team is eager to build the best personalized data server solution tailored specifically for one’s business goals. We are ready to provi de customization and development services of any complexity in tight timeframe. Whether it’s a simple tweak or the need of a substantial revamp — Fintatech team will fulfill every request at the highest level.

We Share a Common Goal

Fintatech Provides Consistent Support & Updates

Full Developer Support

Fintatech team ensures expert and friendly support on every stage of our collaboration for 1 year after the purchase with prolongation option. We are always willing to help: be it a minor advice or the need of deep software revamp.

Regular Product Updates

Fintatech is constantly working on the software improvement to maximize its efficiency and UX. We’ll be delivering regular product updates once a quarter for 1 year after the purchase for all delivered TDSs that aren’t heavily customized.

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