Trading Data Server

Implements internal logic used CQRS pattern. At the current moment IS includes commands and queries in one solution.

Contains two modules: Asp Net identity and Identity Server 4

The Shortest Time to Market Solution for Trading Data Server

Ready-to-Go Solution

No need to reinvent the wheel - use our
licensed software blocks and launch in 90 days. All that is left is a few integrations
and branding.

Modular-Based Software

All of the Fintatech's solutions are modular
and can be easily and time-efficiently plugged
into existing infrastructure.

100% Regulations Compliant

The platform is compliant with regulatory requirements and conforms to the standards of major financial regions of the world.

Customizations on Request

We provide custom development to the clients,
who want to add more sophisticated features
to their preferences.

Include Microservices

Notification Service

Notification service provides ability to send messages to many end users at once (using publisher subscribers logic).

Email/SMS Service

Implements sms and email notification . This service can use Amazon services, such as SNS  or Google SMTP for emailing and SES or Twilio for SMS.

User Profile Service

User data store is service which responsible for user dashboard and public data saving.

Data Consolidator Service

Solution with scope of services that provide ability to build and store historical data from realtime streaming.

Event Consolidator Service

Solution with scope of services that provide ability to manage your own economical events.

Scripting and Alerting Engine

Script engine build on .net core stack, user write script using C# syntax.

Chat Services

Chat refers to the process of realtime communicating between users in system.

System Notification Service

Implements user notifications about any kind of system important information.

File Store Service

Implements files storage functionality to save and manage media data.

News Service

Implements logic to manage custom new in platform.

Forum Services

Implement `discussion forum` and `question and answers` type of forums.

Events (Logging) Processor Service

Event logging management it is a service for user requests logging.

Automated KYC Service

Solution that works together with `Identity server` and provide way of automated KYC verification process using third party verification services.

Built With Modern Technologies

Identity Server

Identity server (IS) contains two modules: ASP Net identity and Identity Server 4.
Implements internal logic used CQRS pattern. At the current moment IS includes commands and queries in one solution.

Asp Net identity provider includes such logical components like UserManager, RoleManager, SignInManager, DB access, Data Seeding.

Identity Server 4 responsible for the authorization flow and tokens providing. For authorization used cookies scheme, but other service use bearer token to verify a user and accesses.
This token provided by IS and include information about userlike: user id, role, user tags, first and last name, email, expiration and etc.

The benefits of building on top of Fintatech’s Trading Platform Skeleton

Core Features

Minimalistic API

Enjoy using a Fully-fledged API (REST, Web Socket) for custom indicators, object creation and integration with any financial data feed. All documentation is provided.

Any Data Source or Type

Connect any custom broker endpoint through an API or custom data feed be it live or historical. Trading chart costumes any data type be it stock, foriegn exchange, futures, or cryptocurrency.

Built-in Trading Capability

Fintatech’s equity trading platform is ready for integration with any custom broker or data feed via API right out of the box. The start of data consumption is just a matter of a few development hours.

Custom Indicators

Let your clients supplement 103+ built-in technical indicators with easy-programmable custom indicators via minimalistic API using FintaScript or C#.

We’re Here for a Long-Time Partnership

One Year of Support Included
We provide a year of limited technical support and assistanceto every client who got their project delivered by Fintatech.
Regular Product Updates
We’ll be delivering regular product updates once a quarter for 1 year after the purchase for all delivered TPSs that aren’t heavily customized.

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