The Top Tips for Retaining Traders of All Levels

The Top Tips for Retaining Traders of All Levels


1. Make free consultations available

2. Organize private investor workshops

3. Unique software for your trading platform

4. Explain tariffs and commerce to the consumer in simple terms

Good old Hollywood has already conjured up images of powerful and unsuccessful financiers. They’re ingrained in our memory from movies, but who recalls what they do? What does a broker get paid for? Who are the traders, by the way?

Brokers and traders are practically inseparable in their business. A broker must be well-versed in economics, have a rapid reaction time, possess the legal knowledge, and have many business contacts. Independent traders are self-employed, for example. They do not even have access to trading. Individuals conduct trades with their money and are customers of brokers. 

However, to keep traders of all levels, you must have a strong reputation as a broker. Our Fintech team also gives some useful tips for brokers.

Make free consultations available

You can create an excellent opportunity for traders and give them free advice about trading, cryptocurrency, and other financial life hacks. Try to give them feedback on their trades and help them find the strengths and weaknesses of the trading strategy. 

Especially beginners who want to know how to set up trading systems. For them, there are many unclear points, such as technical issues of cash management and the problem of tilt. Why not share your knowledge for free and thus attract great professionals? 

Organize private investor workshops

What gives such an event? Such an event gathers like-minded people. You can get many new acquaintances, and as a broker tell them why it is worth investing in cooperation with you. Workshops help to reveal important topics that interest investors right now. You can give a mini course on financial planning or the basics of successful financing. 

In general, there are many topics for financial workshops. In this way, you will be able to form an environment of purposeful people around you and teach them the necessary skills.

Protect the person of interest in whom you work by assisting them in making the most of the situation

Every money transaction is questionable, so brokers must be reliable. For example, many investors are worried about the success of the project. For others, it is important to see the reliability of the platform on which the broker operates. At the same time, traders will not cooperate with outdated brokers who do not have guarantees and proposals for development. For example, such as the ability to supplement the trading platform with additional features.

Unique software for your trading platform

Reliable and unique fintech software reduces transaction risks. There is also maximization of traders’ profits. This is a critical point in working with a broker, especially when it comes to international transfers. For example, our finance software adheres to the regulatory requirements of financial institutions, namely risk management and compliance. It is flexible and innovative to respond to continuously challenging business environments. Our engineers constantly adhere to a set of standards that any financial software developer should follow: a robust technological foundation, regulatory compliance, safety, and user interface.

This is significant if your client wants to supplement the trading platform with some additional features. It is important for the broker to maintain a unique client request. Don’t forget that cool fintech software is also about education. It provides features that allow the trader to learn more about software, various strategies and stock indicators. All because every trader and broker need to have access to streaming financial news, tracking social sentiment, and planning tools on web platforms. And if you do not have such features on your platform, we are ready to develop them for your customers.

Seeing, you really must have the best trading platforms. Because meeting all of a trader’s wishes is the best way to keep him, a personalized and multifunctional trading platform will be the key to success. Fintateсh can assist you with this because we have ready-made software solutions from which we can swiftly construct a one-of-a-kind product for you.

Explain tariffs and commerce to the consumer in simple terms

Don’t forget to explain everything in simple words. People don’t always know how to start a brokerage firm or choose a reliable fintech app. Here, return to what we talked about above. There are workshops and free consultations that allow you to explain to everyone what the financial world is and how to successfully find yourself in it.

If client success is a top priority for you, these details are crucial. Because the correct tools must be provided to the trader when it comes to education and trading, and the broker must provide these tools. 

And, of course, if you have any interesting ideas that need to be executed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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