Trading Software Development Companies: TOP-10

Trading Software Development Companies: TOP-10

Bohdan Kachur
April 12, 2023

You could find a lot of businesses willing to give you the software development services you’re interested in when looking for the finest trading software suppliers. You might be shocked to learn that there are many options available, so it’s critical to know who to call if you need software for your business. But why was there such a wide range of choices?

The statistics that have been recently summarized by various resources, trading, and stock trading, as well as the cryptocurrency market, have grown significantly over the past two to three years. First, experts attribute this to the Covid-19 pandemic: many people are out of work, and during extended lockdowns, the best option is to work at a computer. Therefore, many decided to try their hand at it — and they were not mistaken! After all, a little talent and hard work can make a person a millionaire when he decides to become a trader.

Another side of this rapid market growth is that during this time, the number of companies that provide brokerage and other services to traders and generally help them to work more conveniently, faster, and more profitably has also increased significantly. And if earlier trading on the stock exchange took place, in particular, by phone, now everything has moved online. This means such businesses need to have their website, application, or program through which the service provider and its client will interact. Moreover, modern software can partially take over the tasks that traders used to have to do on their own.

This is the clear outcome of the increasing willingness of software development companies to offer traders specialized software development services. This explains the abundance of offerings. And you ought to choose wisely if you’re thinking about creating software for your company.

How do Top Companies Usually Differ From Niche Ones?

In general, most trading software providers are similar to each other in one way or another. They are united because they all provide software development services for traders and brokers. So what are the differences? To understand how one company differs from another, pay attention to the following:

  • Technologies the team works with.
  • The range of services: is it dry processing, or can the company also deal with design, marketing, and other things?
  • Special offers. For example, some offer service packages, some guarantee development in the shortest possible time, and some even have ready-made components from which you can create new software.
  • Examples of works. All companies and developers have unique handwriting, which can be seen if you take a closer look at examples of their work.

This list can be continued endlessly. Take at least the pricing policy and special conditions of cooperation, which are usually mentioned in the contract. If you are attentive enough, you can find these differences and get the most favorable and convenient conditions.

Who is in the Top 10

We are well aware that you often want your choice to be confirmed by our personal opinion and general recognition. Therefore, we have collected the top 10 trading software companies that we believe deserve your attention.

  1. EPAM System

The corporation is a giant with offices in 25 different countries. It has a great reputation and offers a variety of services for creating and putting into practice different applications. It is a pioneer in the global development market and specializes in the creation of trading software, among other things. Its history began in 1993, and since then, its reputation has only been better. This organization is a wise choice for you if you consider experience to be important.

  1. Softvelopers

The company was founded in 2000. It provides a wide range of services. You will find iOS and Android applications and Java, PHH, C++, and other popular programming languages in the technologies they work with. It is also crucial that the company offers its clients a full development cycle — from working with an idea to post-release support of the created products.

  1. GlobalLogic

The company comes from the state of Virginia, USA. It also exists for 200 years. The company employs about 16 thousand employees from different parts of the world. Of interest: in 2019, on its initiative, the company launched an application that encourages people to clean up garbage in the mountains. But the main profile of the company, however, is somewhat different. It develops software for digital media, cars, e-commerce, and financial institutions. This list also includes software for traders.

  1. Eleks

This company has Ukrainian roots and will be one of the TOP 100 best outsourcing companies in the world by 2022. The main office is located in Tallinn, but many specialists from all over the world work for the company on a remote basis. It has repeatedly worked on various projects in partnership with giants such as Microsoft, Intel, Borland, and others.

  1. Intive

It offers design, development, testing, and management services. In addition, you can contact the company as an advisor who will tell you what to look for and where it is better to do differently. In other words, they can analyze the existing software and give recommendations for its improvement, as well as suggest6 where to start developing if you do not have software yet.

  1. Magnise

The company has more than 15 years of experience in the field, three European offices, and more than 120 large-scale clients. In addition, services for the fintech sector and traders are one of the company’s key specializations. Magnise has experience in implementing payment systems, developing banks’ applications, creating brokers’ software, and developing an electronic wallet.

  1. Sigma Software

Exists since 2002 and has representative offices on three continents. It provides services of complex development, support, and creation of its software. It is also engaged in turnkey development, has UI/UX designers on its team, and works with animated graphics and many different technologies. He often helps startups and has several startup projects of his own.

  1. Technoloader

Technoloade positions itself as a Blockchain Development Company. It provides a wide range of services — even SEO optimization of website pages, hotel marketing, and NFT Marketplace Development. However, you can also find more typical services for such companies, including software development for traders. In addition, cryptocurrency and electronic funds have long been part of trading operations, so the ability to work with them is a significant plus.

  1. Cocomore AG

The company’s head office is located in Frankfurt. You will find Samsung, Eurovision, and P&G among the company’s clients and others. Cocomore AG creates landing pages, applications, CRM systems, E-commerce products, and many other types of digital products. They also provide consulting services and work with B2C and B2B segments.

  1. InfosysTrade

The company specializes in the high-quality development and implementation of software for traders, brokers, banks, and financial institutions. They have extensive experience and a high level of expertise in this area. The company has its roots in India, but the range of specialists is wider than in one country.

EPAM System1993Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA59,250Software engineering services, digital platform engineering, and digital product design
Softvelopers2000Boston, Massachusetts, USA140+Custom software development, testing and quality assurance services, IT consulting services
GlobalLogic2000Santa Clara, California, USANot availableDigital product engineering services, product consulting, and software engineering partner services
Eleks1991Tallinn, Estonia2000+Custom software engineering and consulting services
Intive1999Munich, Germany3,000+Digital product development, software engineering, and IT consulting services
Magnise2015Kyiv, Ukraine50-249Custom software development, web and mobile development, and IT consulting services
Sigma Software2002Kharkiv, Ukraine1,000+Custom software development, IT consulting, and software product development services
Technoloader2016Jaipur, India50-249Blockchain development, web and mobile app development, and IT consulting services
Cocomore AG2000Frankfurt, Germany200+Digital marketing, e-commerce, and web development services
Austin, TX, USA
11-50Trading software development services

Is it Worth Applying to the Top Companies?

When choosing a suitable option among trading software development companies, you may be tempted to contact those who have repeatedly come across you in various Top 10. And this is fine because it is not easy to get into such lists. This confirms that the company is worth your attention.

However, do not limit yourself only to the names you have seen in the recommendations. A large number of companies are developing but have yet to manage to get such a wide reputation. There are also highly specialized companies that do not get into the TOPs precisely because of their specialization but can create the best possible software for you.

Therefore, when choosing, you need to weigh all the factors carefully. You will likely find a company that will match the price/quality ratio.

For example, FintaTech company offers you its services. Thanks to our Trading Platform Designer, you can create software much faster. At the same time, we provide complete customization to your needs. Software development for brokers and traders is our main specialization, and we have many examples of already implemented projects.

To find out more details, sign up for a consultation. We will be glad to talk to you about future software!

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