Case study: Custom Web Trading Solution with unique UI and Scripting Engine

Case study: Custom Web Trading Solution with unique UI and Scripting Engine

Bohdan Kachur
July 20, 2022
Web Trading Solution with unique UI and Scripting Engine

Client profile

Our Client has an all-in-one trading platform with trade automation, algos, and education materials which helps you to learn the fundamentals of day trading and the strategies to help you be successful long term.


The Client wanted to migrate their algos and strategies from a third-party platform they have been using to its own platform in the cloud, which should give them more flexibility in building new features and provide traders more value. It was also necessary to retain beginner traders by providing them with a trading solution for simulation trading and strategies testing possibilities, which they could access at any time anywhere to practice their skills.

Another challenge was to implement a unique interface that would be convenient for both beginners and experienced traders and a strategy execution engine that would allow to easily migrate the Client’s strategies to the new platform.  


Fintatech company was chosen due to its ability to develop a complex trading solution with a custom UI/UX and strategy execution engine.  

The first stage was the creation of a unique UI/UX design. Since the Client had many ideas, we walked through them via a couple of iterations to make sure we could validate all of them. A thorough approach at the design stage allowed our developers to consider all details of custom UI to deliver the best UX, which allows for retaining new users. Since the Client wanted to build a custom UI, we decided not to use the Fintatech white label platform and create a custom front-end solution from scratch.

In the next stage, our team developed web app functionality and started backend customization. The front end was implemented with Angular technology and the back end with .net; as a cloud provider, we chose the digital ocean.

The old solution had a payment module through which our Client could sell access to their strategies and algos. It wasn’t intended for such operations, which brings a lot of headaches for the Client. Fintatech team created a new solution based on the Stripe payment system, which perfectly fits into the new system based on Client requirements.

Finally, we migrated the Client’s strategies and algos to the Fintatech scripting engine. We conducted different kinds of testing and loading to ensure that the whole system acted as planned.


The Client received their trading platform with successfully migrated their strategies and users.

By providing clear and powerful UI and UX, our Client successfully onboarding more professional traders and beginners who only start their journey in Algo trading.

The new payment system and solutions introduced in the platform facilitated the Client in the achievement of their internal goals of:

· Revenue plan fulfillment

· Capitalization growth

Contact us if you have any interesting ideas for building trade platforms! We are constantly seeking the finest and most distinctive technique to put all of your ideas into practice and have successful experience developing large-scale trading solutions!

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