Top Questions to Ask When Creating a Trading Platform

Top Questions to Ask When Creating a Trading Platform

Bohdan Kachur
August 11, 2022

Business uniqueness starts with unique software, especially if it concerns a trading platform. Yes, there are many ready-made platforms with algorithms that allow you to make good money. And in general, the market for trading platforms is becoming more and more competitive. But if you do something really cool, there will definitely be a demand. 

We will not be surprised if you have a logical question: what is needed to create your unique trading platform for business? And whether or not it is appropriate to invest in the development of such software. 

Absolutely yes! Our Fintatech team is ready to answer the top five most common questions that customers of trading platforms have.

  1. What is the trading platform?

Not everyone understands what a trading program is in general and why it is needed. In general, any program or application has the goal of making the user’s life easier. Therefore, a trading app or development is also aimed at a similar function. 

In addition, most brokerage companies are already actively using automated online trading systems. This approach allows them to control the trading process and track the smallest changes. 

Such a platform works on ready-made components, but there is no provision for improvement at the request of the client. We also have ready-made components in Fintatech, but from them, our team can make a unique and best stock trading platform ever according to your request. 

  1.  What type of trading platform to start with?

Everything is simple here; either you choose an online trading platform with ready-made settings and functions, or you order a platform according to your own wishes.

Also, the choice of platform depends on which way you plan to trade. Therefore, there are two main types: traditional-oriented (currency platforms, securities markets, and others) and crypto-trading platforms. The second case is more specific, of course. But in today’s world, you won’t surprise anyone with this either.

That is why our Fintatech team always has many solutions for you. You can choose your option (White Label Trading Platform, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, Forex, Derivative and Equity Trading Platform, or Spread Betting and CFD Trading Platform). We know what traders want, so we’ll help you create a product that will attract them.

  1. What software to select?

So, to build a trading platform, you need to take into account many nuances. It is worth picking the device where the platform will be launched. What do we mean? Each trading platform has its own functions. In the meantime, it can be run on different devices (either a laptop or an iPhone). However, not all platforms are adapted to work on different devices. Often, the trading application works great on a smartphone, but the computer version is not very good. And even the same trading application can look different on a tablet or phone.

For example, the e-trade stock platform is compatible with all operating systems. This case can be followed if you want to create a stock market app for both the Android and iPhone. Focus on what your customers use the most.

That’s why we advise you not to cover everything at once when developing a trading app, but keep in mind the preferences of your target audience. And we will be able to create a trading app that will work quickly on every device. Plus, you will be able to brand your own trading platform the way you want. Change the layout and design to provide a unique, beautiful shopping solution. Let’s say your trading app will be like a separate brand.

  1.  Will there be ongoing support?

Our success depends on the success of our clients. Therefore, we are always ready not only to develop your product but also to provide technical support and support. Our Fintatech team knows how important it is at the start. Moreover, each application needs appropriate testing and improvement. 

Fintatech team ensures expert and friendly support on every stage of our collaboration for 1 year after the purchase with a prolongation option. We are always willing to help, be it a piece of minor advice or the need for a deep software revamp.

  1. How much does it cost to develop a trading platform?

Of course, this question is of interest to many fintech business owners or startups. But each price depends on the duration of the process, its complexity, and its urgency. After all, it’s not a secret. 

For example, every solution includes 20 hours of development and integration services, 1 year of software updates, and 1 year of non-technical support. Fintatech possesses a vast talent pool of technical, design, and management specialists to develop a complex, tailor-made financial solution ready to conquer the market. However, our team does all these steps quickly and efficiently. 

We understand that fintech development requires a lot of responsibility, so our technical capabilities of software development fully correspond to their prices.


OKAY, you can start trading now. You know the answers to many questions. But while your competitors are using online platforms that everyone knows about, you can go further with Fintatech. 

We will create such a trading platform, which will have the latest functionality and current offers for traders. Choose your path. But remember that a unique start is always a successful result.

Contact us if you decide to create a modern business!

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